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Obituary - Miss Jumbo Frost

Miss Jumbo FrostNovember 11th is a day of remembrance for many, and those who were close to her will also now remember Jumbo Frost especially on that day, for it was on Wednesday last that she took her leave of us, having suffered a heart attack en route to the racecourse. She died in hospital that same morning. Jumbo recently celebrated her 70th birthday, writes Juliette Cunliffe.

Jumbo was a veritable treasure of a person, though she would probably not like me to say so as she was never one to hoist her own petard. She was a colourful character in the Sealyham Terrier world where she had some success, but was best known for her Lucas Terriers, being President of the Lucas Terrier Club and enthusiastically carrying on the dedicated breeding work begun by Sir Jocelyn Lucas, founder of the breed. The Lucas has never been registered with the Kennel Club for that is way Sir Jocelyn wanted it, and Jumbo too. We must hope that other dedicated enthusiasts of this relatively ‘modern’ breed, created by using Sealyham and Norfolk Terriers, will continue in the same careful way, steadily creating and maintaining uniformity of type.

Every year Jumbo hosted a show for the breed, paid for out of her own pocket, and she always commissioned photos of every first and second prize winner, which she carefully mounted in her magnificent record books for posterity’s sake. The last show was just a few weeks ago, on October 4th, when this photo was taken; it fully expresses the colour of Jumbo’s personality.

No-one who ever went to the show could forget her wonderful hospitality, the Bloody Marys that were offered around at noon, the excellent luncheons, which were actually prepared by the Queen Mother’s chef when the shows were held in a Village Hall as they were originally, until they outgrew the hall. Jumbo even thought to furnish the lavatories with Roger and Gallet soaps and boxes of tissues, and around the ring were baskets of sweets for the children to enjoy. It was those little touches that made Jumbo the thoughtful person we shall all remember. Her kindness knew no bounds.

Away from the dog-showing world she was Lady in Waiting to a prominent member of the royal family; she also owned horses and was devastated when she could no longer ride having damaged her foot badly jumping a five-bar gate. Secretary of her local hunt, she again expressed her generosity when, during those worrying years when hunt kennels were threatened with closure, she had every single one of the hounds photographed, again for posterity’s sake.
How I shall miss you Jumbo. It just doesn’t seem right that you have been taken from us all so soon. More people will miss you than you perhaps would ever have realised.

Condolences to Jumbo’s brother, Thomas, and to other family members who have decided they would like a private family funeral for her, but there will be a larger thanksgiving service at a later date. News of this will be found on the Lucas Terrier Club website under the News section.

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