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Exhibition success

Stuart Mallard 13th Annual Art Exhibition
Stuart Mallard Stuart Mallard

Bad weather and the recession did little to dampen people’s enthusiasm for the 13th Annual Exhibition of artist, Stuart Mallards work last weekend.

Visitors were treated to a display of 51 original paintings and a multitude of prints. What is quite amazing and surprising to first time attendees is the diversity of subjects that Stuart can cover. Obviously dogs feature highly in the exhibits and he has been delighted to be commissioned to paint many top winners and loved companions. He seems to have that special ability to capture the very essence of the subject in a painting that illustrate the qualities of the dog whilst in a more relaxed pose than we are used to seeing in winners photos. Part of this comes from his insistence of meeting his subjects and their personalities seem to come through in the resulting painting. Over the years assignments have also featured dogs no longer with us including one from the early seventies of which only black and white photos were available. He maintains eyes are the key to the success of any painting and he has become adept at reproducing them in his work helped no doubt by his extensive knowledge of dogs as a successful breeder and now well known judge.

Dog folk are obviously animal lovers too and really appreciate his wildlife work and in addition to the animals more birds were added this year and were quickly snapped up. Life studies, architecture and landscapes also proved popular.

Held ‘at home’ in a relaxed atmosphere with non-stop refreshments to hand meant folks were able to relax and savour the painting whilst chatting with friends and old acquaintances of which there were many in attendance.

If you were not fortunate enough to have attended this year you can view much of his work at or call 01909 722141 for further information.

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