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Fido awards announce the winners

Paddy - Winner of Dogs Trust Star of Tomorrow  Award Fido awards Clarissa Baldwin, Toby Rose and Tori, the canine winner of the Fido Awards 'Best in World'

THE Winners of the Fido Awards - presented in association with Dogs Trust and honouring canine cinematic excellence - were announced this at a prestigious ceremony at BFI Southbank this week.

Amongst the winners present to accept their awards handed out by presenters Kerry Fox,
Christopher Biggins, Camilla Rutherford and Fenella Fielding was Tori (aka Dash) from The Young Victoria, Syrus (aka Tennants) from Fish Tank and Paddy, a six year-old crossbreed rescue dog from Dogs Trust Darlington, winner of the special Dogs Trust Star of Tomorrow award, the first of its kind at the ceremony.

While the judging panel was year made up of leading film critics and writers, including: Derek Malcolm, Evening Standard; Angie Errigo, Empire; James Christopher, The Times; Kaleem Aftab, The Independent and Charles Gant, Heat.

Fido Awards producer Toby Rose commented, ‘Not only do pets win prizes, but our beloved four-legged friends make an invaluable contribution to the entertainment which we all enjoy, and they deserve the recognition which we’ve given them today.’

Clarissa Baldwin, Dogs Trust CEO added, ‘Dogs Trust is thrilled to be associated with the Fido Awards, particularly as this year saw so many fantastic dog films a the box office. The winners should take a well-deserved bow-wow.’

The full list of winners is as follows: Historical Hound (for period drama excellence) The Young Victoria; Rom-Com Rover (for romantic-comedy companionship); Marley and Me; Comedy Canine (for outstanding comedic contribution) Beverly Hills Chihuahua; Blockbuster Bowser (for event-movie performance) Up; Mutt Moment (for stand-out cinematic canine moment) Fish Tank; Best In World (for best of the best) The Young Victoria and Dogs Trust Star Of Tomorrow, Paddy.

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