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KC needs your help!

‘KC Dog’, the Kennel Club’s responsible dog owners’ group which monitors restrictions on access to walking places for dogs in England & Wales, has launched a new survey to find out about dog owners’ experiences.

The survey is aimed at finding out what problems dog walkers have had when out with their dog, and how they think these can best be resolved.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Communications Director, said: “Dog owners often hold the key to resolving problems such as dog fouling and lack of training.

“Ironically local authorities frequently bring in restrictions when trying to solve these problems, often overlooking the views of dog owners despite the fact they are best placed to resolve them. We want to hear from as many dog owners as possible about their experiences when out walking their dogs.”

‘KC Dog’ plans to include the gathered information in a ‘toolkit’ currently being developed for local authorities, which includes best practice, advice and information on voluntary schemes currently thriving in different areas in the UK.

To complete the survey visit and click on ‘Dog Control Orders Survey’.

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