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Samoyed success

Northern Samoyed Society’s Samoyed and Puppy of the Year 2009

Samoyed Samoyed

A German Judge, Volker Schon was invited to judge this 14th Annual Event which was held once again at the Novotel, Nottingham on Saturday, 14th November 2009 and sponsored by Royal Canin, writes Pam Taylor.

There were 21 Adults and 13 Puppies were exhibited and a real demand for tickets for this premier event with 116 persons attending. All were seated at decorative tables which were placed on either side of the mat for the dogs in the main function room. As usual all decorations on the tables and around the room were in the Society colours of red and white. The MC for the evening was Mr. Ken Warburton.

The identity of the Judge had been kept strictly secret. At 4pm the event commenced with The Fanfare for the Common Man. The Puppy competition then started. Firstly each puppy came forward as a representative from a Championship show and then lined up along either side the mat to greet the Judge who on entering the room shook the hand of each competitor. The MC then introduced and announced Volker Schon and told of his background in judging Northern Breeds.

Judging took the form of a knock out competition ending in a final round of just four dogs. Details of pet names and mischievious activities of the exhibits were read out by the MC during the proceedings. Only when a dog was disqualified were his/her previous wins announced. Eventually the results were announced in reverse order. Ultimately, the winner of the NSS Samoyed Puppy of the Year was Hamilton’s Zamoyski Lucky Tabitha shown by Jim Hamilton. Runner Up was Gooday and Mock’s Duckslake Icelandic Spirit shown by Heather Mock, 3rd Amanda and Brian Jebson’s Vandreem Imperial Piper at Briamanda, 4th Sandra Brandenberg’s Nikara Kleopatra From Taronakits. Simply the Best was then played in acknowledgement of the winner.

The grown-ups!

The main adult competition took place after dinner along the same lines and format as the earlier competition. This concluded in a final placing of four again. The judge choose as the NSS Samoyed of the Year, Lisa Bobrowski’s Ch. Vandreem Imperial Hermioni by Berezniki. Runner up was Sharon O’Dwyer’s Ch. Duckslake Majestic Spirit Over Kalinski, 3rd Tracy Elder’s Ch. Wyntermyst Snow Warrior at Khorobroi, 4th Carole Hamilton’s Zamoyski Lucky Tabitha. There was a lovely hilarious moment in this final when Tracy Elder’s dog entertained everybody by yodelling every time he was moved on the mat.

Once again there were great celebrations afterwards and many photographs were taken by all present. It was interesting that the Samoyed of the Year was also the winner the previous year. Amazingly, the Puppy winner has accrued 2 CC’s during the current year and has also qualified for the Dog World Pup of the Year contest.

Best Dressed exhibitors this year were Annette Hansell and Paul Farrington. The Best Dressed Guest was Barbara Johnson. All received a bottle of whisky as their prize.

Additionally during the night a silent auction was held so there was no time at all to be bored.
Many then choose to dance the night away to a disco, whilst others just retired to the bar. It was 430am when the last merry revellers eventually retired to bed. For the Judge, Volker Schon said it was a night he would remember for a long time.

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