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New sponsors for Breeders Competition

The Kennel Club is delighted to announce that Agria Pet Insurance – specialist provider of the Kennel Club Breeder Plan, will sponsor the Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition in 2010.

In 2010 Agria will provide all Group winners with special edition merchandise and some finely crafted and engraved crystal trophies for winners in the DFS Crufts Finals in 2011 and beyond.
Jonas Derninger, MD of Agria Pet Insurance, said “The Kennel Club Breeder Plan is the natural partner to the Breeders’ Competition with its support for UK Breeders. The Breeder Plan was introduced after speaking and listening carefully to the views and opinions of breeders in the UK to create an affordable policy with flexibility and choice designed specifically for breeding. The plan provides the peace-of-mind for which breeders have been waiting, even under the difficult circumstances of caesarean births. The Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition has similarly been created in response to the views of breeders and dog exhibitors to promote and reward the excellent work done by this country’s responsible breeders - the Best of British if you like.”

Over the course of 2009 the Kennel Club has sought the views of all those involved in the competition and has made a number of changes to the competition for 2010:

Breeders no longer need to stop competing once they achieve 20 points in a show year. In 2010 the Breeders who have amassed the highest number of points over the 2010 calendar year will qualify for the DFS Crufts Final in 2011. At the end of the competition year in question, Breeders should forward their record books to the Canine Activities department at the Kennel Club which will advise whether they have qualified for the DFS Crufts Final.

Numerically smaller breeds need not miss out on the chance to enter the competition at General & Group Championship Shows. A new Best Breeder in Any Variety Not Separately Classified (AVNSC) Class has been introduced for 2010.

In response to feedback received, single breed shows may schedule the competition at lunchtime, or any other convenient break in judging. Should they do so, then it is expected that a judge will be selected who is not judging the regular breed classes.

General & Group Championship Show Societies are reminded that they may stage the Breeders Competition Group whenever they wish and are not obliged to wait for the completion of all breed judging. This would of course mean that, unfortunately, some breeders may miss out on the chance of going on to the Group stage.

Over thirty breeders have made it through to the DFS Crufts Final in 2010. The final will be held in the Main Arena on Friday 12th March and will be judged by Jeff Horswell. The winner will receive a silver trophy. All Finalists are being contacted by the KC Canine Activities department to advise them of arrangements for the final.

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