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Stoneleigh improvements

The Kennel Club Educational Trust (KCET) is working hard to ensure that the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh Park maintains its position as the UK’s best venue for canine events. Customer feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive, but the KCET has continued to make a number of improvements and purchased additional items to develop the Building as a centre of excellence.

In order to stage indoor agility and heelwork to music displays, events and training, large rolls of non-slip artificial grass matting has now been supplied for use in the Building. Leamington Dog Training Club has been using the matting very successfully for their twice weekly training nights and Rugby Dog Training Club will be using it in staging the Crufts Heelwork to Music Semi Finals in the New Year. The matting will allow many more people from all canine disciplines to train and compete safely.

The KCET has also managed to negotiate with RASE (the showground owners) the use of a separate approach road on the showground directly to the car park which should help minimise disruption on very busy days. The KCET has also been working with RASE to change their parking policies to give precedence to Kennel Club Building customers.

To ensure that the Building is kept in tip-top condition, even when it is being used every day, the KCET has now purchased its own cleaning vehicle which the caretaker is able to use even when it is not possible for the cleaning contractors to attend.

A number of customers have asked for facilities to allow clubs to run eye testing clinics and similar health testing sessions. A small, private and windowless room off one of the Main Halls has now been converted to facilitate such testing and can be booked at no extra charge.

Finally, many smaller clubs and societies have contacted the KCET hoping to share the Building with other clubs. The KCET would encourage all clubs to consider this option. It is proving a very cost effective way of sharing, not only the venue hire costs, but other costs such as catering. A list of all interested clubs is being held by the Kennel Club, which is running a ‘dating service’ to match clubs with each other.

For more information about the Kennel Club Building please contact Kennel Club Building Bookings Specialist Carrie Acors on 0844 4633 980 extension 290 or email Alternatively, full details of the Building and its facilities can be found on the internet at

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