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Obituary - Connie Downey

Connie Downey of Luneville Tibetan Terrier fame passed peacefully away in hospital on the 14th September. Suffering from MS for many years she made light of it, working as a Primary School teacher in Heysham until retirement.

It was on Heysham dock in the early fifties that John Downey found the little stray and took him home to join their successful kennel of Pointers. Later to become recognised as a Tibetan Terrier, Ch. Trojan Kynos became the foundation sire of the famous Luneville Tibetan Terriers. Mating Kynos to Luneville Princess Aureus, a bitch whose dam also had no pedigree on the distaff side they established a line that became as well known and eventually even more successful than that of the Lamleh dogs of Dr Agnes Greig. Together with Lamleh, Luneville dogs are to be found in most early pedigrees. Their meticulous presentation began to catch the eye of judges. Luneville “type” was established and recognised as quality. Many champions were bred at Luneville, Probably the most famous was “Tweed” or Ch. Luneville Prince Khan, but the list is manifold.

In her passing, the last link with the original founders of the breed in the West has now gone. We who love the breed owe her huge and lasting thanks and an incalculable debt. Almost without doubt, had Connie and her devoted husband John not given us Luneville Tibetan Terriers the breed would have been lost.

Pat Noujaim

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