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Control orders in East Dorset?

KC Dog is alerting all local dog-owning residents around Wimborne to the consultation currently being run by East Dorset District Council regarding proposed dog control orders.

The Council will be consulting with the public on dog control orders until Wednesday 7th October 2009. The orders include: Dog fouling covering the whole district except some Forestry Commission land, Dogs on leads to apply to parts of Corfe Mullen recreation ground, Fryers Field in West Moors and King George V & parts of Ferndown School’s playing fields and dog exclusion areas covering all enclosed children's play areas, all marked sport pitches (on land which the dogs on leads order will apply) and parts of Ferndown School’s playing fields.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Communications Director, said “Whilst we completely agree with the introduction of dog control orders relating to picking up after dogs, it is a real shame that the council feels it necessary to increase the number of dog exclusion and dogs on leads areas.

“This is a clear example of a few irresponsible dog owners ruining it for the many. Picking up after your dog is an important part of dog ownership and essential to maintain good relations with the rest of the community. We would urge all dog owners in the area to respond to the consultation, as it is the most effective time for responsible owners to make their voices heard.”

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