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Eukanuba enhances your chances!

The Eukanuba World Challenge 2009 qualifying date for Kennel Clubs around the world to nominate their top winning dog to represent their country at the prestigious event in California is drawing to a close. Once again the World Challenge will be hosted at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Special 125th Anniversary Show in Long Beach, California on 12th & 13th December.

This year, under newly introduced criteria involving the participation of some additional countries, a qualifying heat will be held at the FCI World Show on Sunday the 11th of October in Bratislava. Specific countries were invited to nominate a dog to compete. If their dog is one of the three successful winning dogs, this would offer the owner and dog the opportunity to compete in the Eukanuba World Challenge in California. This qualifying award would assure them a place in one of the four non geographical sections. The sections will be predetermined by a lottery style draw to be held on Friday evening at the Eukanuba/FCI Judges’ Dinner with FCI President, Hans Muller and AKC Chairman, Ron Menaker having the honor to draw the countries names.

At the qualifying heat, in the first round, the exhibits will be judged on a points system. Each nominated dog will be prejudged in the afternoon and awarded points by three individual, highly respected judges, Espen Engh (Norway), Horst Kliebenstein (Germany) and Rui Oliveira (Portugal). All the dogs, along with the three judges, will be presented in the main BIS ring after group judging but before the BIS line up. The three judges will indicate which of the 9 dogs have been selected to go through to the next round. These dogs will then be judged by another judge Stefan Sinko (Slovenia) who will give further consideration and chose 3 winning dogs in no particular order. These 3 dogs and their owners will be qualified for the Eukanuba World Challenge 2009 and will be notified which section they will compete in.

The UK representative dog will be selected from the line up of 22 Champions who are the winners of the Eukanuba Champion Stakes finals held at general Championship Shows throughout this year from 1st Jan. The judges will be unveiled at the Eukanuba Champion Stakes final on Saturday 31st October, to be held at the Kennel Club building at Stoneleigh Park. Judging will commence at 2pm.

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