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Floydd becomes Bulldog 1000!


The Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust rehomed its 1000th bulldog, Floydd, earlier this week.
Tania Holmes, Chief Executive of the Trust, and runs the rescue along with her husband David and several Tania told OUR DOGS the story behind Floydd’s rescue and rehoming. ‘It’s absolutely fantastic that Floydd should be the 1000th bulldog for me to rehome because if this chap could talk he'd have a very very sad tale to tell I'm sure.

‘Picked up as a stray in Wales he found him self in council kennels, with a council policy that stated that all unclaimed strays were to be put to sleep after nine days, we found out about him on day nine!!! Our fabulous volunteer Georgia drove all the way from Birmingham to Wales to get him (despite being heavily pregnant), kept him overnight and met me the next day at Oxford.

‘The first thing we noticed was that he drank like a fish, this went on for two days, we were having to fill the water bowl up every five minutes or so, he drank so much in one go that it just came back up again. I thought there had to be a kidney issue here, which was probably why he’d been abandoned, so off to the vet we went for blood tests, nothing. Urine test - nothing, but then after a few days his excessive drinking settled down, which led us to the conclusion that he was simply deprived of water wherever he was before, and it had taken him almost a week to realise that there was water down for him all the time and that he didn’t have to drink the lot!
‘The other thing that really upset me was on the second night I didn't get out to shut the kennel doors until after dark - he went beserk, throwing himself at the walls in panic, yet if you close him in whilst it's still light he's fine, shut in a shed maybe?’

Floydd is eight years old, a castrated red and white bulldog and was taken in by the not for profit organisation when all other avenues had failed him completely.

Tania continues: ‘He did make us laugh when he got annoyed with Sue, my kennel help, when she was cleaning out his kennel, after she'd taken everything out of the hut so she could mop it out he actually took everything back in again an item at a time, toys, blankets - everything carefully placed back where it should be. I'd love to know what he's been through, or maybe I wouldn't.’

Floydd now resides in Brighton with Syd and Kevin Spencer, as was as a houseful of other rescue dogs, one of which is a bulldog from Tania!

The Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust is a company number: 5664557.Charity Number:1115009. It is not a dogs’ home or a shelter and operate entirely on a voluntary basis funded by donations and adoption fees. Bulldog Rescue is registered with the Kennel Club and is the only official breed rescue for bulldogs in the UK. Visit our web site for further information at

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