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World gets ready for Montgomery

Montgomery County Kennel Club show

The world’s premier terrier event, the Montgomery County Kennel Club show, takes place on Sunday, October 4th in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, writes Barbara Anderson Lounsbury
Those who have graced centre ring during the final judging of the day reads like a “Who’s Who in Dogdom,” and this year is no exception, when one of America’s premier terrier men, Welsh-born Peter Green, does the honors.

Peter, who judged Best In Show at Crufts in 2009, is joined by Sheila Atter, doing Parson Russells, and Philip Greenway who will pass on Lakeland Terriers. Ireland’s Harry O’Donoghue is a regular fixture, this year judging Wire Fox Terriers. Ronnie Irving is passing on West Highland White Terriers, while wife Kate is judging Dandie Dinmonts. Montgomery is the culmination of a four-day show “weekend,” preceded by three all-breed champ shows.

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