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Shock collar ban in poll position

A YouGov survey commissioned by the Kennel Club to find out views on the use of electric shock collars has found that from a cross section of over 1,000 people across Wales, 70% disapproved of the use of electric shock collars on dogs, with only 9% of people approving of their use.

The Kennel Club has long been campaigning for a complete ban on the sale and use of electric shock training devices; a view which is supported by Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones, who announced her intention to ban them in June 2008. 64% of those polled agree that The Welsh Assembly is right to move ahead with its plans to ban use.

The results also concluded that 60% of respondents agreed the use of electric shock collars has a negative effect on the dog’s physical and psychological health and welfare - legislation on the use of these products is due to be implemented in the coming months.

Caroline Kisko, Communications Director for the Kennel Club said: “This YouGov poll shows that not only do we have the support of the Minister, Assembly Members and dog owners, but also the people of Wales. I hope this will encourage the Welsh Assembly Government to implement a ban sooner rather than later, so that dogs no longer have to suffer due to the use of these cruel devices.”

For further information and advice on the Kennel Club campaign to ban electric shock collars, contact the External Affairs department on 0844 463 3980 ext 301 or visit

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