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Staffords in Bratislava

‘Joseph Dunn’ Tribute Staffordshire Bull Terrier Championship Show

Jenny and Mick Smith judged the inaugural ‘Joseph Dunn’ Tribute Staffordshire Bull Terrier Championship Show held on 29 Aug at Bratislava, Slovakia, writes Mike Homan.

Jenny tells me,“It was a great honour to be invited, as we are the first UK specialists to officiate in Slovakia.”

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is in its infancy in Slovakia, generally the average show attracting relatively small numbers. However, on this occasion Jenny and Mick were delighted with an entry of seventy-five. Judging took place simultaneously in two rings (Mick judged dogs and Jenny the bitches).

Both judges report, “The weather during our stay was stupendous (over 30° and sunny) with the exception of the day of the show, when things took a turn for the worse and it rained and was a lot cooler. Fortunately the show was indoors and the cooler weather was beneficial for the dogs and of course ourselves. The judging was a most enjoyable experience and the winners were graciously and sportingly accepted by the fellow exhibitors and spectators.”

Principal winners:- Dog CC Xavier Fransimo Bohemia owned by Katrine and Oivind Westerby (Dalstaff Kennel, Norway). Bitch CC, BOB and winner of the ‘Joseph Dunn Tribute 2009’ Baby Sun Kissing Devil owned by Ing. Diana Kavcakova (Kosice – Slovakia). Best Junior in Show (Bitch) – Blazen Staff’s CC owned by Dr Heidi Zibolka (Blazen Staffs Kennel, Germany).

Jenny and Mick say, “We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our hosts and organisers: Michaela and Svetozar Prochotsky of Thorsteiner Kennels, Slovakia for the invitation to judge this prestigious event and for their friendship and wonderful hospitality during our stay.”

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