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Survey questions dogs on caravan sites

The caravan club, a monthly magazine and and website read by well over half a million people each month, is conducting a survey about allowing dogs onto caravan sites, and whether visitors are concerned over barking, fouling and a number of other topics.

The questionnaire, which asks for readers to submit feedback by October 16, asks whether allowing dogs onto caravan sites has affected people visiting, and asks whether charges should be levied to allow people to holiday with their dogs.

Areas including noise disturbance, fouling on site, spoilt pitches and unattended dogs give readers the chance to give answers from ‘every time’ to ‘a few times’ when asked if they have been affected.

Question 2 of the survey wonders whether people think that it is a good idea to introduce a charge for every dog, with options ranging from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’, or indeed whether dogs should be limited per outfit. Another questions whether people would like to see ‘no dog’ sites introduced, or if designated dog areas should be introduced.

The survey also asks for any other thoughts on dogs on sites, and raises the idea of handing out leaflets to dog owners concerning etiquette on site.

To view the survey go to The Caravan Club Website

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