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Obituary - Peter Farley

Peter FarleyPeter Farley, the Kennel Club’s IT Executive, died suddenly on 29th September 2009 aged just 43.

Peter worked for the Kennel Club for eleven years, developing services that transformed the Kennel Club and the way it interacts with its dog-owning customers.

Amongst Peter’s considerable achievements was the development of the Petlog database, which he built single handedly in 2000. Peter was continually looking to improve and modernise the Kennel Club’s systems and in 2009 he introduced the new electronic registration application within Petlog and revamped the website, to ensure its continued relevance and efficiency.

Peter was responsible for developing the applications that enabled the Kennel Club to incorporate the Accredited Breeder Scheme regulations into its registration system to ensure that compliance with the scheme’s requirements is systematically checked.

He was instrumental in developing key Kennel Club online services, including the Companion Dog Register, Find a Puppy, Find a Rescue Dog and the online transfers and litter registrations systems – all of which have proven popular with dog folk.

In 2008 Peter developed the Health Test Results Finder, which enables dogs’ health tests to be viewed online by those wishing to check the results.

Continually looking for ways to improve service, Peter re-vamped the Puppy Sales Register as Find a Puppy in 2008, with improved geographical listings and an email subscription service to alert potential puppy owners when a new litter has been added to their chosen area.

Peter was a very kind man – unassuming and full of humour – and his colleagues will miss him greatly. Both the Kennel Club and the world of dogs owe much to his dedication and his love of dogs.

Rosemary Smart, The Kennel Club

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