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Shadow and Elsa take the record!

World Record

Members of the North Northumberland DTC attended the Northumberland County Show in May to attempt to break a record that they originally set in 2005.

The record was for a dog to run through a human tunnel of legs. The first record ever was set at 222 by five dogs from the Club in 2005 but has since been broken several times around the world including USA, Australia & New Zealand!

The most recent record was held in South Africa standing at 937 pairs of legs.

On May 25th two dogs from the Club ran through an amazing 1,019 pairs of legs.

Border Collie Shadow and rescue dog Elsa, a staffie- x both completed the tunnel being watched by thousands of spectators….and the BBC! The record was finally ratified by Guinness on 11th September.

Jacquie Hall (Founder member, Chairman & Senior Instructor of the Club) is hoping that the record won’t be broken too soon……’it was a lot of hard work by the club members and was truly a Team effort. A fitting tribute to our 10th Anniversary year!’

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