Scene at the World Dog Show

Bratislava, 8-11 October 2009

Size matters in Slovakia!

After a marathon final day in Bratislava, a Swedish owned Pharaoh Hound topped what has been hailed as the biggest ever FCI event, with just over 21,000 dogs being recorded. The BIS was judged by FCI president Hans Mueller and it was an energy sapping stint for all as the final pronouncement came at approximately 10pm on Sunday night with the crowd chanting for BIS whilst speeches were still being made. It was suggested by many that the size of the entry had swamped the infrastructure of the Slovakian Kennel Club, which did not have a major sponsor for the show and had to contend with massive crowds (good for the gate!), traffic congestion and even catering problems at some key events.

President Stefan Stefik and his team worked tirelessly over the four days and there were many aspects of the show worthy of note and comment and a full report and views from many of those who attended or judged at the show will follow in our special World Show Winners Feature later this month.

There were many UK and Irish visitors at the show and OUR DOGS welcomes comments and advertisements from winners for the feature. Our photos on this page will give you a flavour of this massive and very busy event.

View pictures from the show by clicking here

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