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Ban for woman who neglected dogs

A woman who kept nearly 50 animals in appalling conditions in her home has been banned from keeping pets for 10 years.

Lanark Sheriff Court heard that Morag Dunbar fron Leadhills, Lanarkshire, had neglected 14 Briard dogs, nine Lhasa Apso dogs, and six Jack Russell terriers at her home, she had also allowed 17 chickens and a parrot to live in squalor as well as keeping cats and a sheep. Two of the dogs were later put down.

Dunbar admitted failing to provide the animals with adequate bedding, water, nutrition, grooming, vet care and hygienic conditions between September 2008 and March this year. She also admitted some of her animals were not even house trained.

The court heard how Scottish SPCA officers who visited Dunbar's home in March discovered a parrot cage that had not been cleaned for six months.

Dunbar's lawyer told the court that her client had been left 'traumatised' since her animals had been taken from her. She said that her client regretted not providing adequate care for her animals and that Dunbar suffered from a depressive illness which had had an effect on her judgement.

Imposing 18 months probation and a ten year ban on Dunbar, Sheriff Nikola Stewart said she had been disturbed by the animals' treatment.

She added: "It is always terribly disturbing when any animal has to suffer. I have no doubt you feel that anguish more than anyone else in this court room. Bearing in mind the suffering that these animals were put through I am disqualifying you from having animals in your care for ten years.’

Scottish SPCA Inspector Gillian Dick said: "The conditions that these animals were being kept in can only be described as disgusting.’