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Dalmatian imports accepted by KC

The General Committee of the Kennel Club has recently considered an application, by Mrs J Evans, to admit to the registration system two Dalmatian dogs that she wishes to import from the USA.

The dogs are not registered with any Kennel Club with which the Kennel Club has a reciprocal agreement. The dogs are, however, descendants of an intentional outcrossing programme that reintroduced the low (or normal) uric acid gene into the Dalmatian breed. They are now reportedly entirely typical of the Dalmatian breed in terms of appearance.

The Committee has now confirmed that it has accepted these applications, having considered the positive contribution that these dogs could offer to the health and welfare of the Dalmatian breed and to reintroduce the gene for normal uric acid excretion to the Dalmatian breed in the UK.

However certain conditions will be imposed and the Kennel Club has now entered into a period of consultation with the Dalmatian Breed Clubs during which any objections relating to any health and welfare implications of such a decision on the Dalmatian breed will be duly considered.