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Great Dane stolen in broad daylight
Disabled owner distraught following theft

A GREAT Dane has been stolen from her disabled owner in a shocking robbery which happened in broad daylight in a busy part of Canterbury in kent.

Last Friday, October 16, seven-year-old Daisy was visiting the Palace area of Canterbury with his 8-year-old owner, Tony Hickson, who is severely disabled and confined to a wheelchair for his outings with Daisy. The pair are a well known sight in the area.

At around 2pm on the Friday, Tony and Daisy were approached by a fair haired girl of about 17-18 years. The girl made a fuss of Daisy, though Tony is used to some interest in her and is always happy to chat to people. However, the girl then made a grab for Daisy and dragged her away, despite there being several witnesses to the robbery.

The girl was spotted later with the dog, and more recently there have been reported sightings of her in the Whitefriars area, accompanied by a man in his 40s and also a woman with dark hair.
Mr Hickson’s daughter, Therasa Bailey, told us: ‘As you can see from the photo, my father is elderlyand severely disabled. Daisy is his closest companion since my mother died a few years ago, and he absolutely dotes on her. They go everywhere together and, because of the unusual sight of a disability scooter and a great Dane together, they are a familiar sight in Canterbury.

My father is distraught by her loss and we are all worried about her safety.


‘My father is in a terrible state about it all and I'm worried for him. My husband and I have three dogs (a long haired chihuahua, a Bedlington terrier and a chocolate labrador).

We have left the lab with my father for company as I couldn't bear feeling so lucky going home with all my animals.’

‘The support from everyone has been wonderful and I am keeping my father informed of all the support as he needs every bit of encouragement possible.’

Seven-year-old daisy is microchipped. Theresa describes her as having the most beautiful nature, which is clear in the bond she has with Tony.

Earlier this week a cab company from Wales - who are also involved with Great Dane Rescue - sent some cabs to Canterbury in Great Dane livery. They handed out leaflets throughout Canterbury.

A familiar sight: Tony and Daisy

There is also a long thread on the Great Dane Owners Forum about this.

Theresa and her friends have also contacted Paul O’Grady, This Morning and GMTV.

Daisy is also being hunted for also by Dog There is a substantial reward on offer for information leading to her safe return.