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DFS Crufts assistants wanted

The Kennel Club is offering a fantastic opportunity for YKC senior members with conversational foreign languages to practice their skills at the world’s greatest dog show, through work experience in the Overseas Lounge at DFS Crufts 2010.

The Overseas Lounge at DFS Crufts has been established for a number of years and during that time its overall role has changed, particularly during the past few years. The lounge is used mainly by overseas dog enthusiasts, who are well versed in the dog world in their own countries, as a meeting place prior to entering the show.

The lounge is staffed by five people and their role is to assist the visitors by providing details of the daily show activities. Helpers will work closely with colleagues in the Overseas Lounge during the show and assist with directing and answering questions from visitors to their points of interest at DFS Crufts.

They will also collect contact details and further information regarding their interests from overseas visitors and record collected data. Good interpersonal skills and foreign language skills (to a conversational standard).

Travel expenses will be reimbursed and refreshments provided. Interested candidates must be 18 years or over and should send a letter together with details of their skills and experience to Lucy Smith (lucy.smith@the by 31st December 2009.