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Dalmatians still under discussion
KC extends feedback time

THE FATE of the two Dalmatians which sparked controversy last week is still in the hands of the KC, which has now said it plans to extend its feedback time in order to give all in the breed a chance to air their views.

In a statement issued last Monday, the KC said that as a result of discussions held at a joint meeting of the Dalmatian breed clubs, which was attended by Professor Jeff Sampson on behalf of the Kennel Club, and following requests made by the clubs, the Kennel Club had agreed to extend the period of time during which it will welcome feedback on the health and welfare aspects of the proposal to register the two dogs in question.

Last week’s news that the KC said it was ‘minded’ to accept the application to register the Dalmatians, which carry the gene for low uric acid, The Kennel Club will now welcome feedback regarding the perceived impact of this proposal on the health and welfare of the breed until December 31st 2009.

This will allow clubs greater time to formulate and submit their views and will still give Kennel Club General Committee Members time to consider the information provided prior to their first meeting of the year early in 2010 and to discuss the matter at that meeting.

Julie Evans’ (Tyrodal), made the application to import the bitches - who are two years old and three months old - from the USA, they are reported to be 14 generations removed from the outcross, which was done to rid rid the breed of a gene which makes it prone to kidney stones, bladder stones and gout.

The previous Tuesday and KC spokesperson said: ‘The dogs are not registered with any kennel club with which the KC has a reciprocal agreement. However, they are descendants of an intentional outcrossing programme which reintroduced the low, or normal, uric acid gene into the breed.

They are now reportedly entirely typical of the Dalmatian breed in terms of appearance.
The KC also said that certain conditions would be imposed imposed and that the KC would now enter into a period of consultation with the Dalmatian clubs during which any objections relating to any health and welfare implications of such a decision on the breed will be duly considered.