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Labrador loses over 20kgs

A LABRADOR who was so overweight he could not scratch his own ears has shed a third of his body weight after being confiscated from his previous owner.

Fat Bob, thought to have been the heaviest dog in Scotland at 64kg, had been allowed to gain incredible amounts of weight by his former owner, Ralph Dryden, who has since been convicted of causing unnecessary suffering by over-feeding him.

The dog piled on the pounds due to a diet of fish suppers and four tins of dog food a day. He was removed from Mr Dryden owner in January after a vet examined him and found him to be "dangerously obese".

At a hearing at Hamilton Sheriff Court, Dryden was convicted of causing the animal unnecessary suffering. Sentence was deferred for six months for good behaviour.

Since being re-homed in March, Bob has slimmed down to a lean 41kg thanks to a strict diet and six-mile walks.