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Netherlands welcome the Heeler

In its board meeting of October 14, The Dutch Kennel Club decided to recognize the Lancashire Heeler in The Netherlands. As from November 1, 2009 the studbook will be open for registration of this breed.

From this same date shows are allowed to open their doors for Lancashire Heelers and Dutch CAC tickets will be available for the breed. As the Lancashire has not (yet) been recognized by the FCI CACIB tickets shall not be given.

The recently founded breed club (Lancashire Heeler Club Nederland) has applied for membership of the Dutch Kennel Club and is very happy with the Kennel Club’s decision. Members are proud to present their dogs to judge John Wauben at the first ever possible show in The Netherlands, which is the Amsterdam Winner show on November 28 and 29.

The committee of the Lancashire Heeler breed club consists of Heeler lovers and owners of long standing, such as Dick Koster (health and breed data and treasurer) and Hannie Warendorf (secretary), and lovers and newcomers in the breed, such as Wendy Annijas (webmaster) and Lydia Erhart (chairperson). However, all have been in pedigree dogs for at least 20 years.

Lydia Erhart told OUR DOGS: ‘We wish the Lancashire Heeler a healthy and flourishing future in The Netherlands and as a committee shall do our utmost to make this possible. This courageous, happy and affectionate breed deserves it.’