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Breed rescues deserve better profile

KC writes to organisations to offer promotion

As highlighted in our page one story, the subject of breed rescue is very important and can and should play a real part in saving dogs’ lives.

At a time when the dog game is under severe scrutiny, often by the uninformed, there is an extra responsibility on us all to maintain the care of pure bred dogs in whatever circumstances that arise.

Now is the time for organisations to update their information in the next breed rescue and also to take part in an important survey with the Kennel Club.

The KC has written to organisations as follows: ‘The twenty fifth edition of the Kennel Club Rescue Directory (2010) will be published in December 2009. To ensure that the contents are as up to date and accurate as possible, we need to verify the information which we hold on file.
‘The Kennel Club deals with very many enquiries concerning rescue and we are happy to say that the directory continues to play a major part in the successful re homing of dogs. We need to ensure that all entries in the Directory have the continuing support of a Kennel Club registered breed club. In line with this policy we are asking breed rescue organisations which wish to be included in the new edition to provide a current letter of endorsement from a Kennel Club registered breed club. Hereafter, should the Kennel Club receive notification of any problems resulting from the rescue services included in the Rescue Directory, the sponsoring breed club will be informed of the details and asked to investigate the matter. If you are a coordinator for a particular organisation, please confirm the details of the other contacts for inclusion on the reverse of this letter with any email and website address.

‘This letter must be returned even if there are no changes to your details, together with a letter of endorsement from a registered breed club. The information must be returned no later than September 30 2009.’


At the same time Breed Rescues are being encouraged by the KC to complete a short survey to gather extra information, and has asked all Rescues to help by completing a survey which is aimed at collecting as much information as possible about the volume/numbers of pedigree dogs passing through rescue.

This will allow the KC to gather vital statistics relating to Breed Rescue and is an integral part of the fight to protect the health and welfare of all dogs in our society.

In another letter the Kennel Club has followed on with the initiative shown at Crufts this year and again writes to all concerned: ‘Following the great success of the Breed Rescue Stand at Crufts – to which all Breed Rescues taking part were delighted with the increased profile given and the many enquirers expressing genuine interest if not surprise that Breed Rescue was available at all – the Kennel Club would like to continue with this initiative.

‘There will be something similar (albeit on a smaller scale) set up at Discover Dogs this year. We are also working hard with the general dog welfare organisations to encourage them to work with you in re homing situations.

‘The Kennel Club would like to be able to give a much more proactive and positive promotion and platform for the invaluable and very much unsung work of Breed Rescue. You may already be aware that we have the active Find a rescue dog application on the website, which then includes the details of the Rescues listed in the Directory.

‘Breed Rescue performs such a vital role for all breeds and plays a very important part in the overall picture of the pedigree dog in our society. We want to be able to celebrate that role. We are also going to explore an awards type system to be able to give some recognition to Rescues showing outstanding facilities.

‘It is completely understood if as a Rescue you do not wish or require further promotion or profile and that you are already using all your resources to hand if not at a stretched capacity already. To that end, the Kennel Club is also planning to provide further assistance to Rescues who may wish to seek grants from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and will provide information and advice generally about such applications.”

OUR DOGS supports the efforts of breed rescues and will continue to highlight the great work they do in future issues.

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