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Obituary - Brenda Jones

It was with total disbelief that the news was received that Brenda Jones (Zippor) had died on Thursday 27th August. Never again to be greeted with “Hello, Woman!” and to be told of the litters planned & shows entered. Brenda always had next month, next year arranged and now it is never to be, writes Liz Gay.

Brenda came into dogs in the 70s with Cockers, both English and American, but in 1980 became aware of a dog on her local show scene. By 1982 she was at her first show with her new puppy of her new breed & was just blown away by the reception she received. The breed judge took time to welcome her and the steward, on hearing his words, also wished her well because she was entering a great breed. Brenda came out of the ring hooked; if people like Harold Wright & Percy Whittaker recommended Glen of Imaal Terriers, but more importantly took the time to acknowledge a new exhibitor, they were the breed for her!

The 80s were great years for Glen of Imaal Terrier people in general but the greatest of that decade for Brenda was 1987 when her beloved Bwyan Bergsson was born. She always considered Bwy the dog of a lifetime and his over 50 Best of Breeds show how many agreed with her. Brenda had always kept a Cocker as a house pet & when the last one died she looked for something different. As she enjoyed Glens, a rare breed, so much & all the planning ahead she thought she would do the same again. Brenda added a Cesky from the first litter born in this country to her household.

When Bwyan died some of the heart went out of Brenda & whilst still adoring Glens & Cesky she looked for a new challenge; that challenge was the Sealyham. Her success in Sealyhams speaks for itself with the Zippor affix being seen everywhere from the Best of Breed at Crufts to Australia to Champions in Canada & Scandinavia. As Brenda never did things by halves Norwich & Norfolk also moved into the kennel & her reaction on retiring from work was not one of travel, family or time off, it was more time for the dogs! Even Brenda found it difficult to be in three places at once so her granddaughter Jenni became a very adapt and successful Junior Handler; Brenda didn’t mind being a Grannie then.

Brenda Jones. Singing, part time model, dancer at the Cavern to the Silver Beetles, enthusiastic, big hearted, dog lover. Her friends will miss her terribly so what will her family feel? Sympathy, condolences & love are sent by all who knew the lady who dyed her hair pink because she wasn’t getting old…and who now, unbelievably, never will.

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