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Danish MP withdraws cull proposal

FOLLOWING NERWDS in last week’s issue concerning the proposed cull in Denmark of ‘aggressive breeds’ and possibly mongrels, the KC has responded with its owned thoughts.

In a press release issued this week, The Kennel Club said that it ‘is aware of reports that Denmark is considering a new law that would ban ‘aggressive’ breeds, such as pit bulls and mastiffs. Given the failure of breed specific legislation in the UK, we are alarmed that Denmark is considering such proposals.

‘It has also been reported that an MP has gone one step further and suggested that all cross-breeds should be killed - this is deeply concerning. We have been in contact with the Danish Kennel Club to express our grave concern at a cull which would effectively sentence hundreds of thousands of innocent dogs to death.

‘The Danish Kennel Club have clarified that in 2003, the Danish government brought in non breed specific legislation in an attempt to tackle the problem of dangerous dogs. However, this legislation has not been properly enforced and has resulted in an explosion of PBT types (approx 20,000) in Denmark. The Danish KC, animal welfare organisations and vets have set up a committee to advise the Minister responsible on some possible solutions – mainly that ‘fighting’ type dogs should not be owned by anyone under 18, be muzzled and kept on a lead in public. The Danish KC has also suggested that all dogs have ID marking before they are 8 weeks old.’

In the meantime, we have learned that the Danish KC has also confirmed that the MP who made the suggestion that all mongrels should be culled, has withdrawn his proposal.

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