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Fit For Purpose?

She can fly!

Kikuchi Kendera in Kofyn

PICTURED IN mid-flight is the Bulldog, Kikuchi Kendera in Kofyn, owned by Malcolm Presland and Mel Vincent. She was bred by Sharon and Chris Everson out of Kikuchi Kooper who is Merriveen/Sealaville bred.

Her sire is Ann and Ken Lunt's Louarne Everso Everso who has Dawnstar/Petworth breeding. Darcy, as she is known at home, is two-years-old and has collected many wins at Championship show level as a puppy and junior and was also placed in stakes. During the last twelve months she has only been shown a handful of times due to her owners concentrating on their other breeds. However, from those shows she has won a reserve Challenge Certificate and was placed in a large class at Crufts.

If Mel can get as fit as Darcy it is hoped that the two of them will take part in some Cani Cross events this coming season. This delightful photo was taken by canine snapper Julia Barnes, whose own discipline is agility.

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