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BBC goes to the dogs!

Dan Wheeler, Rob Gurney and Vince HoganAs part of OUR DOGS commitment to the media partnership with the City of Birmingham dog show, OD Managing Director, Vince Hogan, took to the airwaves last Thursday prior to the show at Stoneleigh. At the kind invitation of BBC radio personalities Dan Wheeler (right) and Rob Gurney (left) Vince was on air for over an hour with the boys discussing all matters canine, promoting the show, comparing Crufts with overseas shows and generally educating Rob and Dan who are now confirmed dog addicts. Copious amounts of free gifts and dog treats were taken in (you know what journos are like for freebies!) so look out for Rob and Dan sporting their OUR DOGS T shirts at a dog training club somewhere in the West Midlands.

Dan and Rob go out live for nearly two hours from Monday to Thursday on BBC WM, 95.6, just as seen on our photo kindly taken by the delightful researcher Katie. Thanks guys for a great night in the studio. Maybe next year we will see the BBC radio car at the show ground on site? (more freebies for the crew!)

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