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Bolt gun anger rumbles on

OUR DOGS has been inundated with letters and comments on line regarding our front page story last week that revealed the RSPCA had shot 10 German Shepherds with a bolt gun following failure to re home the dogs after the death of their owner. See letters page and also Robert Killicks’ column.

Jayne Shenstone of German Shepherd Rescue is incensed by the actions of the RSPCA and feels that the statement issued by the RSPCA is flawed. The full reactions from the GSD Rescue will be featured in next week’s paper.

In the meantime Clarissa Baldwin of the DOGS TRUST commented: “We would, of course, have tried to help as we always do – I can’t say we would have been able to help all, if they were completely un-socialised, but we would undoubtedly have been able to take some of the dogs in question and, in addition, given out names and addresses of other agencies that might have been able to help.’

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