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Homstar Angelina

It is with great sadness I announce that Homstar Angelina (Linka) died on Saturday 29th August 2009. Bred by Phil & Lynne March of the Homstar kennel in October 2000, Linka was the Bracco Italiano breed record holder. I first met Linka in 2004 and she was the reason I fell in love with the breed so it was a dream come true when in October 2006 she came to live with me. Sadly in November 2007 she was diagnosed with Primary Glaucoma and has been totally blind since early 2008.

Although obviously causing her some stress she still continued to enjoy life, she had the most loving nature and her loyalty was second to none. She had a great passion for food which she was unable to hide.

She is survived here at Ravenspoint by litter brother Rocco and daughter Rosie, who is a replica of her in every way.

She has been worth all the angst I have received from some of the Bracco community and yes I would do it all over again.

She will always be remembered.

She died peacefully in her sleep.

Lois Atkins

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