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Reward offered for stolen working spaniels

If ever dog folk needed proof to back their claims that dogs are being stolen to order, then they need look no further than the three kennels who had dogs stolen late at night on Thursday 3rd September and the final raid which took place at 2am on Friday the 4th September.

Howard Kirby, whose dogs were stolen in the 2am raid on Friday 4th September, was shocked to find his dogs gone, but also surprised to find a dog which had been stolen from a gamekeeper was running loose with his remaining dogs. The dog left at Howard’s property was an elderly spaniel which had been taken - it is believed by mistake - when the thieves were stealing the spaniel bitches from the gamekeeper, during a theft earlier that night.

Howard told Our Dogs that he is sure the dogs are stolen to order as the dogs targeted are all spaniels and all are young bitches, which he suspects are being stolen for breeding. Howard has been in contact with the gypsy liaison officer for Dorset, who has been helpful. One problem which Howard has come across is that not all liaison officers are listed so that they can be contacted easily when anything like this happens which is disappointing and unhelpful. This is a sentiment shared by the Dorset liaison officer, as the liaison officers and travelling communities do know what is going on in most areas.

The thieves appeared to know which dogs to target and exactly how to get to them. They must have staked out the area of all the raids they undertook that night, in the west Andover Hampshire area, in order to complete the three raids and to avoid the CCTV that constantly scans the approach to Howards kennels. The thieves unbolted the metal panels of the kennels to gain access. All the other dogs were let loose. The approach was made across the fields so they must have known that the main track through to the Lodge was covered by CCTV.

The dogs which have been stolen from Howard are a liver and white springer spaniel bitch, golden working cocker spaniel bitch, golden working cocker spaniel puppy bitch and a black working cocker spaniel bitch puppy called Maggie. Two of the dogs are micro-chipped.

There is a substantial reward offered for the return of these spaniels. Howard’s contact details are 07769 821 082, 07796 238 125 or 07971 160 156 or email

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