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Secretary of Bath Resigns

Keith NathanIN A shock move, Keith Nathan, Secretary of Bath Canine Society has resigned. At a committee meeting last week he made the announcment ‘out of the blue’ and OUR DOGS understands that it came as a complete surprise to many.

He has been a member of the committee since 1980 and so was involved with the Society’s forward thinking decisions to purchase their own showground and the creation and development of Bannerdown Benching. He has acted as Chief Steward, Chairman and latterly as its Secretary. He was also instumental in setting up the infomal regulaar gatherings of representatives of the championships shows where ideas and information were shared.

He told Our Dogs, ‘I am delighted that Bath has achieved so much in the last few years. By consistently focusing on the needs of exhibitors the Society provided greatly increased facilities year on year and I was proud to be a member of the dedicated team which delivered a wide range of improvements to the ground and to the layout of the show. I belive that the show in 2009 was the best ever and even the weather was kind. It is time now, after 29 years on the Committee, and having been responsible for every major role within the society including Chief Steward, Chairman and latterly Secretary, to move on and let others set their stamp on Bath’.
Muriel Iles, Chair of Bath Canine Society told OUR DOGS, ‘It came as a great shock to us all on Bath Canine Society Committee when Keith Nathan announced his resignation at the Committee Meeting last Wednesday. When he telephoned and spoke to me the following morning he said that he had ‘come to retirement’. During his 5 year term of office as Secretary, Keith has worked extremely hard to bring Bath from the best to one of the very best of annual championship shows. He will be remembered for many new innovations and more particularly, for introducing the wide dry protective walkways around the showground and the new layout of rings allowing for partial cover - against the vagaries of the infamous Bath weather! The future of Bath now lies in the strength of its united Committee.

Assistant Secretary Ben Ford, who is resident in Ireland has held the postion for five years and OUR DOGS understands is likely to take over from Keith Nathan. He told OUR DOGS, ‘I am very sorry to see Keith go. Together with other committee mebers we made a good and very successful team’. Mr Ford may be contacted at Clenmaen Cottage, Tullycommon, Carron, County Clare, Ireland. Tel 00353(0)657089973. Email.

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