Cheques for Charities

Each year the Canine Supporters Charity holds an major fund raising event, the Contest of Champions, raising thousands of pounds each year which it distributes to specific and deserving dog charities.

The contest is a wonderful evening with a reception, dinner, the knockout contest and dancing until the early hours. There are no fees, expenses, honorariums or payments to anyone involved whether they be judges, committee members or helpers. Even the President, Peter Purves, comes to the Contest for free, conducts the auction and pays for his own dinner ticket! Next year’s Contest is on Saturday 3rd April

Chairman David Spencer, Secretary, Karina le Mare, Treasurer, Kevan Forrest along with other committee members were out in force at Richmond to present cheques totalling almost £20,000 to The Hope Appeal, The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, the Blue Cross and the Animal Cancer Trust.
Our Dogs congratulates the Canine Supporters Charity for a job very well done.

View the cheques by clicking here

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