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Finnish Kennel Club changes

Mr Olli RahiEspoo, Finland - Mr Olli Rahi, Chief Executive Officer of the Finnish Kennel Club, has taken on new opportunities within the Kennel Club organization. His new role is to head Finnish Kennel Club’s fully owned subsidiary Show Media’s Sales and Marketing function. The appointment is effective immediately.

The board appointed Finnish Kennel Club’s Assistant Executive Officer Mr Markku Mähönen as acting CEO, starting from September 1, 2009. Mähönen will perform the duties as the Finnish Kennel Club's CEO until the board will appoint new permanent CEO for the organization.

The change in the organization will reinforce Finnish Kennel Clubs services and will bring continuity in the dog show governance. Founded in 1889, the Finnish Kennel Club is the oldest kennel club in Scandinavia. The Finnish Kennel Club is a member of the Nordic Kennel Union and Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

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