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CC round-up

A selection of CC wins from around the country.

The Basenji Club of GB saw DCC (BIS & BPIS) go to Mrs Rusty Grayson’ Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau; BCC (&RBIS) Mr Paul Singleton’s Ch. Jethard Pardon Me Boys; Mesdames Hardy, Hallam & Webb’s RDCC Ch./Am. Ch. Kazors Make Way for Riley (Imp); RBCC Ms. Val Allen’s Zordia’s Wazzala. The judge was Mr Albert Wight (Sharval), see report in OD2 of this week’s issue.

At the Yorkshire Terrier Club Championship Show on 13th September, Dog CC Miss S Hayden’s Mysherie Forst Romance; Bitch CC and BIS Mrs S Prevost’s Hassendean Ritzy Romance.

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