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Obituary - Steve (Cobbydog) Leigh

Stephen Leigh passed away on Tuesday 18th August.Stephen had battled cancer for a number of years, with many ups and down until the final down, writes Peter Broadbent.

Stephen was the S in E & S Feeds, Eddie (who continues to run the company along with Steve and Eddie's family) is the E. Eddie and Stephen started Cobbydog twenty some years ago and through hard work and a friendly manner they made this a popular and successful company, and in all this time their generosity has been exceptional.

Almost everyone in the North will use, or will have used, Cobbydog. Their product sponsorship for the smallest event to the largest is second to none, Stephen was always good to talk to about various subject, particularly holidays.

He turned up at Nidderdale Show in 2008, with his lovely wife Katy, he looked to be improving.
Sympathy to Katy, family and Eddie from all in the north of England, and no doubt further afield.

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