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Welsh Junior of the Year 2011 Words and pictures by Robin Sadler

Coedcernyw Cameo is the 2011 victor

Overall winner was the Cocker Spaniel Coedcernyw Cameo JW ShCM bred and owned by Mr & Mrs I Hillier from Newport.

From all four corners of the principality came 64 dogs; their proud owners and handlers all converging on the Drover’s Court, Montgomery Pavillion, at The Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells.

This competition, now in its fourth year, is held under the auspices of Cardiff Canine Society. To qualify each dog must have won a Junior Class at either a General or Breed Championship Show or Open Show and be resident in Wales.

Trophies and rosettes for the event.

It is one of the highlights of the dog showing calendar in Wales and is kindly sponsored by Royal Canin, Our Dogs, Dorwest Veterinary Products and Celebration Rosettes. Special thanks also going to Clive and Barbara Davies, Mrs Olive Thomas and Richard Morris for their support. Richard Morris welcomed everyone and opened the event in his fluent native tongue of Welsh.

(left) Overall runner-up was the Bearded Collie Kilfinan Country Clover bred and owned by Mr & Mrs A Burscough from Holywell, Flintshire.

Under the eager eye of Secretary/organiser Martin Sanders and his dedicated team the whole event went like clockwork from start to finish and was one of the most enjoyable events I have attended for many a year. Having qualified their dogs at shows throughout the year the competition was split into two groups with 32 dogs in each and the two group winners meeting at the end to determine an overall winner.

Martin Sanders presents judges Jackie Stubbs and Anne MacDonald with handcrafted special gifts donated by Patsi Ann Standard Image.

The two judges, whose identity had been kept secret until the day, were introduced by Martin. They were Mrs Anne Macdonald from Scotland, the well known hound judge approved to award CCs in 26 breeds who has both won and judged the Hound Group at Crufts, and Mr Jackie Stubbs from Ireland who awards CCs in the UK in Dalmatians and Rottweilers and under Irish and FCI rules judges multiple breeds and has officiated extensively abroad.

(right) Group A - Bearded Collie Bitch Kilfinan Country Clover bred and owned by Mr & Mrs A Burscough pictured with runner up, the Shetland Sheepdog Bitch Take a Break at Balidorn bred by Mr and Mrs McLintock and owned by M Botham.

With the identity and background of the judges now known to all it was down to the competition. The fully carpeted hall and the ring, cordoned off with white picket fencing, you could say was made to measure for this event. The dogs were paraded and introduced by Martin who was also the Master of Ceremonies and then two at a time the dogs entered the ring. Jackie Stubbs was drawn to judge the first half and after going over all the dogs and asking them to move he selected as his winner the Bearded Collie Bitch Kilfinan Country Clover bred and owned by Mr & Mrs A Burscough from Holywell, Flintshire. Runner up was the Shetland Sheepdog Bitch Take a Break at Balidorn bred by Mr and Mrs McLintock and owned by M Botham.

(right) Group B - Cocker Spaniel Bitch Coedcernyw Cameo JW ShCM, bred and owned by Mr and Mrs I Hillier from Newport and the SCWT Bitch Pippajam Midnight Rose, owned by Mr and Mrs P Noyes and bred by Mrs W and Dr P Noble

During the lunch break two classes of Junior Handling were held, judged by Mrs Sue Pocock the overall winner being Catrin Roberts handling a Australian Shepherd, certainly on the standard set by the Juniors, the future looks very promising.

It was good to meet the new Area Royal Canin Representative Sophie Langdon, who, along with Anthony Bongiovanni was handing out bags of dog food to all handlers as they came out of the ring.

Anthony Bongiovanni pictured above with Area Representative for Royal Canin, Sophie Langdon.

An excellent lunch was had by all and the stage was set for the parade for the entrants in group B to be judged by Anne Macdonald, who bravely carried on regardless despite tripping in her hotel room the evening before and spending three hours at the local hospital.

Fortunately she had no broken bones, but a badly sprained ankle. Over the PA compare Martin gave an excellent resume of the likes and dislikes of each dog, and the decision of the judge as to which dog went through to the next round. Ultimately he announced the winner as if he were Philip Schofield from Dancing on Ice: ‘The winner of this round is…’, pause . . . ‘number. . .’ You felt as if Martin was going to say ‘after the next short break,’ which would leave the audience waiting with baited breath.

Overall winners of the JHA Classes, judged by Mrs Sue Pocock, was Catrin Roberts (12-16’s) handling her Australian Shepherd and Teigon Harp (6-11’s). Both qualify for Semi-Finals at Richmond.

After going over and watching the dogs move Anne selected her final two, the Black Cocker Spaniel Bitch Coedcernyw Cameo JW ShCM, bred and owned by Mr and Mrs I Hillier from Newport and the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Bitch Pippajam Midnight Rose, owned by Mr and Mrs P Noyes and bred by Mrs W and Dr P Noble.

After watching the two dogs move again Anne held out her hand to the Cocker Spaniel as her winner.

The final was a real North v South Wales contest with both judges going over each other’s
winners and after discussion they selected as the winner the Cocker Spaniel from the South.
With Patsi Ann Standard Image generously donating the winners and judges trophies and the super 44-page event catalogue giving all the entrants’ details along with a photograph of each, this event is certainly worth pencilling into your diary for next year.

Anthony Bongiovanni, Richard Morris, Anne MacDonald, Olive Thomas, Jackie Stubbs & Sophie Langdon.

A huge thank you has to go to Martin Sanders for his great organising skills and his team who ensured this event was enjoyed by all.

Judge’s report

A warm welcome awaited me in Wales when I arrived at a misty Cardiff airport and met up with my co-judge Jackie Stubbs to be transported to Builth Wells where this popular and well supported annual event was due to take place the following day.

The organisation in the very capable hands of Martin Sanders and his team from Cardiff Canine Society was superb with nothing left to chance. It was very obvious to me that a great deal of thought and attention to detail had gone into the production of this competition.

The generous sponsorship from Royal Canin and the main prizes and beautiful gifts for the judges donated by Patsi Ann ensured that everyone taking part received a memento of the occasion. The overall quality of the entry was high and there were a few very close decisions on the way to the finals. The final from my half of the draw was closely contested between two bitches, a very smart Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Pippajam Midnight Rose and the exquisite black Cocker Spaniel, Coedcernyw Cameo JW ShCM. The Wheaten I liked a lot for her good square build, compact body, correct front and typical coat of correct colour and texture. She moved steadily, showing good drive from the rear. My winner, however, was the Cocker. Such a happy and confident show girl in excellent bloom and muscle condition.

She impressed for her lovely type, good neck and shoulders, super ribs and short loin, low hocks and very sound free movement. She carried herself well, holding her outline and her tail never stopped! The other two semi-finalists in this section were Irish Wolfhound Baronglen The Knightwalker and Sealyham Terrier Whitepeppers Saturday Night Fever at Jacott. From the other half of the draw, Jackie sent through a beautifully presented Bearded Collie, Kilfinan Country Clover, whose attributes I also appreciated. In the final analysis, having each assessed the other's choice, both judges agreed that the overall winner should be the Cocker Spaniel with Bearded Collie runner-up. All in all, a great day for everyone to enjoy. I certainly did and my thanks to the organisers for giving me the opportunity to judge the contest and for their kind hospitality.

Anne Macdonald

Judge’s report

It was with great pleasure that I accepted to judge the Welsh Junior of The Year contest on Saturday 26th February 2011.

My co-judge for this event was Anne McDonald from Scotland. Special thanks to Mr Richard Morris who collected us from Cardiff airport and drove us to the Lion Hotel in Builth Wells. We were worried Anne might not be able to judge having suffered a leg injury, on the eve of the show, which required hospital treatment. However, Anne being the professional she is did not let it stand in her way.

The venue was Drover’s Court, Montgomery Pavilion, Royal Welsh Showground’s. This was an excellent venue for the event and well supported by the sponsors Royal Canin. The draw was done with the exhibits being split into 2 groups A & B which was then split between myself and Anne who drew the 2nd half. I had some lovely dogs present and I’m sure some of them will go on to be champions.

My winner was the Bearded Collie:- Kilfinan Country Clover a good sized bitch presented well and handled excellently. Pleasing head with good dark eyes well shaped, Correct ear set and carriage good reach of neck with well placed shoulders tight elbows good bone and good feet, Nice depth of brisket with good rear angulation and tail set, moved well around ring, carrying a correct topline. She was pushed hard by my runner up the Shetland Sheepdog:- Take a Break at Balidorn.

Beautiful young bitch with good head nice fill of foreface correct shoulders with similar angulation in rear, good tight elbows well boned with tight feet moved well and shown in full coat. The final was between my winner the Bearded Collie and Anne’s winner the Cocker Spaniel Coedcernyw Cameo J.W. Sh C.M. A black bitch shown in full coat good head well set ears, good shoulders with tight elbows strong rear quarters with correct rear angulation moved well and was pleased to agree with Anne for her to be awarded the Title Welsh Junior of The Year.

I would like to thank all the committee for inviting me to judge and for the warm Hospitality given both to myself and Anne, special thanks to Martin and Carol Sanders for everything, not forgetting the exhibitors for their sportsmanship and as they say in Ireland the crack was great all weekend.
Jackie Stubbs

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