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Fast-acting, Oral Flea Treatment, Comfortis, Launched


The first oral flea treatment offering both a rapid ‘kill rate’ and a month’s protection against fleas has been launched. Called Comfortis® Chewable Tablets for Dogs, the treatment is prescription only and has already become one of the most popular flea medications in the United States.
Comfortis’ unique ability to start killing fleas in 30 minutes and tablet administration method, have been developed to offer dog owners fast, worry free protection against fleas for a month. It is expected to prove attractive to owners who want the fleas on their dog to be killed quickly; are concerned about applying spot-ons properly and/or worried about the potential for transfer of a topical residue to family members, furniture or other pets.
Comfortis is also expected to prove helpful for dogs suffering from Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), a condition in which the skin becomes itchy and inflamed following flea bites and which is estimated to affect several hundred thousand dogs in the UK every year. Patients often require additional ‘topical’ treatments, such as ointments and shampoos, which can compromise the effectiveness of spot-on topical flea control products.
Flea Allergy DermatitisCommenting on Comfortis’ launch, Anna Jackson BVetMed CertVD MRCVS, National Veterinary Manager at Elanco Companion Animal Health, said: “In our research, dog owners told us overwhelmingly that the capability of a product to kill fleas quickly was their number one priority in a treatment but that ‘no mess’ administration was also important.
Comfortis, a palatable, beef-flavoured tablet, starts to kill fleas in 30 minutes, killing 100 per cent of fleas in four hours. It’s already become very popular in the USA and we believe that the benefits it offers will make it equally attractive to many dog owners in the UK. For dogs suffering a severe infestation, it will bring rapid relief and it will also be beneficial for dogs which swim or are bathed regularly as spot-on treatments can get washed off.
Comfortis is only available on prescription from vets because vets play a key role in recommending appropriate flea control, based on the specific needs of an individual dog. We want to encourage owners to discuss treatment options for their pet with the vet to ensure they come up with the most appropriate solution.”
Dr Janet Littlewood, a veterinary dermatologist, added: “Comfortis has the potential to offer significant benefits in treating dogs which are suffering from dermatological conditions including FAD and to become one of the first choice routine products for flea control among dog owners.”
For more information on Comfortis, contact your veterinary surgeon.

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