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Boston gears up for January show

Issue: 29/12/2017

The committee of Boston & DCS will be welcoming exhibitors 
to their 12th Championship Show on the 4th - 7th January at the Peterborough Arena, marking the start of the 2018 Championship dog show calendar. 
This ever popular show has yet again seen a rise in entries which is no mean feat considering their CC allocation has remained unchanged at 22 sets.  With an entry of   5296 dogs making 6802 entries they have seen an increase of 469 dogs on the 2017 entry, a rise of 9.72%.  Labrador's top the show with 224 dogs closely followed by Golden Retrievers with 221 and Whippets with 207. 
The majority of the Non CC breeds have terrific entries as well, Cocker Spaniels lead the way with 96 dogs, Boxers with 89, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers at 69, there are also 186 Dachshunds for the 6 varieties.  It's not just the breed classes that attract exhibitors to the show, the Society make a great effort to offer a variety of stakes classes with prize money of nearly 400 on offer each day, the biggest prize on offer being for the exhibit declared Best Special Beginner in Show on the final day who will take home 150 and 25kg of CSJ dog food.  Boston Championship Show will also be the first show to hold the new Breeder Group competitions. Having been announced shortly before entries closed the Society made a great effort to organise judges and make people aware of how they could enter. Ultimately they have attracted 10 teams over the duration of the show. 
The Committee are always approachable and easily spotted in their bright orange shirts and fleeces with the Secretary's table and Stewards' office situated in the main hall amongst the show to make it easily accessible. The Society has also continued to offer free parking for everyone at a time when many shows now charge for the privilege. Their ethos really is to put on a show purely with the exhibitors in mind, something which they seem to be succeeding at. 

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