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Bulldog Breed Council issues statement

Issue: 29/12/2017

The Bulldog Breed Council has issued a statement following the open letter that was sent last week by a number of organisations, including the Kennel Club, that called for companies to stop using brachycephalic breeds in advertisements.
Due to celebrity endorsement the growth in the number of French Bulldogs, Pugs and Bulldogs that have been registered by the KC has rocketed.
The amount of bulldogs registered in the last ten years has almost doubled with 3,979 registered in 2007 and 7,785 in 2016.
The statement from the Bulldog Breed Council reads, 'The Bulldog Breed Council consisting of all 19 Bulldog Breed Clubs in the UK actively promote the ownership of healthy bulldogs of the true type and to that end have been encouraging their members to health test their dogs to ensure the public who love this breed obtain their pet from caring breeders. 
'A health scheme, started over 10 years ago, now operates at 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold and is described fully on the councils website. Dogs that pass these tests, one of which is carried out by the BOAS team of Cambridge University Veterinary College in addition to a countrywide list of approved veterinarians are considered fit and healthy and suitable as progenitors for the future of the breed.
'Over the past 20 years these initiatives have led to tremendous improvements in the health of the breed as seen in the show ring today, gainsaying our detractors.
'The Bulldog is the premier breed native to these Isles and has always been an icon of the advertising world projecting the British character of steadfast, strong, honest and dependable so was extensively used as a patriotic symbol in both World Wars.
'Unfortunately the desirability of this breed as a faithful and true companion has fuelled an increasing demand for puppies which has allowed unscrupulous and uncaring individuals to exploit the need without regard to health and also creating a need for rare colours considered highly undesirable for the last 150 years or so.
'It is the conclusion of the Brachycephalic Working Group that over advertising has been a contributing element to the increasing demand for puppies and we therefore support their aim TO ENCOURAGE LESS ADVERTISING IF THIS will lead to a reduced demand and therefore eliminate those breeders who are producing puppies for gain rather than meet the high standards demanded by our health tests.' 

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