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Canine photographer has equipment stolen

Issue: 29/12/2017

A well-known canine photographer who has taken pictures of dogs all around the world had his cameras stolen whilst he was working at the Brussels Dog Show.
Thieves took two Nikon cameras, one of which is quite rare, belonging to Karl Donvil as he covered the junior groups only 20 feet away from his stand. Unfortunately, he did not have insurance for his equipment.
He explained what happened to OUR DOGS, 'One of the cameras was in my bag and the other one was on a tripod connected to my computer with an electrical wire.
'They were able to detach and remove the quick release and they must have known another camera was in the bag as there was an empty bag and the second camera was in a bag under the empty bag. The thieves knew that they had to put the tripod down and to hide the camera away. 
'There were two English ladies at the stand and a charity stand next door and they did not see anything.
'I was not allowed to see the CCTV footage because of privacy but it seems that the thieves were working as a team. They were blocking the line of sight to the stand. I could see the the studio from the ring but they were blocking that too.


'They put down the bag and took the camera out and the first thief put it in his ruck sack. The second thief had a big fake fur coat and he hid the other camera under his coat.
'They then left in to the crowd. According to the CCTV footage I was told the theft took place at 16.33.
'As they were taking the camera connected to the computer they accidentally took two photos. Unfortunately, they did not take a picture of themselves.
'I was told that the camera that took the CCTV footage was too far away as when they zoomed in on
their faces the image was too blurred.
'As soon as I reported the theft the security people blocked off the exits and people had their bags searched but the thieves had gone.
'I felt sorry for the people that had to queue but they understood and everybody was so kind.
'All the stallholders made a collection for me and I was so moved as they presented me with a cheque for 1,000. I told them that it was not necessary but I didn't know I had so many friends.
'One of the cameras is quite rare. It is a Nikon E and is special. There are not so many around. It says Nikon 800E on the strap.'
Karl did not have insurance because, 'It is so expensive. The cameras were quite old, one is five years old and one is ten years old. The premium is a quarter of the value. I had to take a risk. The total value of the cameras is 7,300 plus VAT.
'I will need to replace at least one of them. Nikon cameras are good cameras but it is the lenses that are made to last. The lenses will last three times more than the camera.
'It is unlikely that I will get them back unless the Police find a storehouse or they try and get them over the border.
'Nikon has put the serial numbers on their website so if they are taken into repair into a Nikon shop they will know the camera has been stolen.'
Fortunately, all the photos Mr Donvil had taken that day were not lost as they were automatically transferred to his computer.

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