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FCI and WUSV terminate agreement

Issue: 01/12/2017

It was decided at the FCI general assembly at Leipzig that the cooperation agreement between the World Association for German Shepherds (WUSV) and the FCI, that was made in 2013, should be terminated.
As part of that agreement it was said that, 'This agreement shall remain in force unless one of the parties explicitly requires the termination by written notice. In that case, the agreement will expire six months after the receipt of the notice of termination.'
Written notice of the decision was sent to the WUSV by way of a letter signed by FCI President Rafael de Santiago. 
It read, 'Mr President, dear Dr Messler, The FCI General Assembly, on the occasion of its meeting on the 6-7 November 2017 in Leipzig has voted in favour of cancelling the Cooperation Agreement between our two organisations, dated 18 April 2013. We therefore inform WUSV that from November 10th 2017, the FCI officially asks for the cancellation of the said agreement, respecting the 6-month termination notice.
'The above statement implies that the agreement will be officially terminated on 10 May 2018.'
Replying to the letter the WUSV wrote, 'Dear Mr President, dear Mr Santiago, We wish to express our utmost regret about the majority decision taken by the delegates of the General Annual Assembly of the FCI. It goes without saying that we respect this decision which will lead to the termination of the cooperation agreement...But please allow us to express our sincerest hopes that this juridical act will not be tantamount with the end of the mutual dialogue between the FCI and WUSV.'


Social media reacted in panic when news of the decision leaked out with some people fearing that it could affect the ability of WUSV judges to officiate at FCI shows and the keeping of the WUSV studbook amongst other things.
To clarify the issue the WUSV issued a statement in order to calm things down which said, 'Fact is that a proposal regarding the termination of the cooperation agreement between the FCI and WUSV was part of the agenda of the General Assembly of the FCI as recently held in Leipzig. 
'The delegates to the assembly decided to follow suit with the proposal and voted for the termination of the cooperation agreement between the FCI and the WUSV. In the meantime the assembly decision was executed, and we received the respective cancellation letter from the FCI president.
'We would like to use this opportunity to point out that the procedure pending does not imply the cancellation of a WUSV membership within the FCI. Instead, the cancellation implies the termination of a cooperation between the two organizations covering different subject areas in the field of cynology. It is important to understand that the termination of this agreement does only affect the cooperation between the two organizations involved - the FCI and the WUSV.
'The membership of individual clubs within national FCI clubs and/ or within the WUSV is in no way affected by the termination of the agreement, and remains fully effective.'
It has been suggested that the reason why the agreement has broken down due to the understanding being impeded due to internal conflicts arising between WUSV Breed clubs and their countries Kennel Clubs.
The letter to the WUSV from the FCI was leaked by an employee of the Federación Canofila Mexicana (FCM) who acted, according to the WUSV, 'within the best of interest of the Mexican FCI club.'
It has been pointed out that as WUSV judges are endorsed by the German Kennel Club (VDH), an affiliate of the FCI, the ending of the agreement will not affect the the status of WUSV judges or the studbook.
In the original cooperation agreement there is a section of solving problems where it says, 'Both parties are fully aware, that isolated problems could occur between the organisations. In principle the reason for these could be different opinions at national level or it could be totally different. Both cooperation parties declare their willingness to do their utmost to find a solution by mutual agreement. 
'Should it prove impossible to attain a common solution to these problems within a short term - despite all endeavours, both parties to the Agreement will keep their cooperation, leaving aside the above individual problems.'
It would appear that the issues for the cooperation agreement between the two organisations for the FCI assembly members were so difficult that they felt that there was no way of keeping the cooperation going despite 'the individual problems'.

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