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KC Breeders’ Competition at The National

Issue: 01/12/2017

Following the Kennel Club's recent press release regarding the new structure for the Kennel Club Breeders' Competition, the National Dog Show will be scheduling this Competition. 
Entries can only be made by post, using the entry form, and should be sent to the Secretary, Jennie Griffiths at Home Farmhouse Cottage, Leebotwood, Shropshire SY6 6LX.  Entry Fee: £15.00 per team 
Each team will consist of a minimum of three and maximum of four dogs of one breed, all bred by the same breeder or breeding partnership. The breeder enters the class and then arranges which dogs are exhibited on the day of the show (only one dog per team needs to be entered in a class at the show, other dogs will need exit passes to leave the showground). Please clearly state the name and affix of the registered breeder(s). Entries will not be taken on the day of the show. 
The judge for all classes will be Mr Tom H Johnston. 
Class A - AV Utility Breeders' Competition (Thursday, 10th May 2018) 
Class B - AV Toy Breeders' Competition (Thursday, 10th May 2018) 
Class C - AV Hound Breeders' Competition (Friday, 11th May 2018)  
Class D - AV Terrier Breeders' Competition (Friday, 11th May 2018)  
Class E - AV Gundog Breeders' Competition (Saturday, 12th May 2018)  
Class F - AV Working Breeders' Competition (Sunday, 13th May 2018)  
Class G - AV Pastoral Breeders' Competition (Sunday, 13th May 2018)   
The teams will be awarded points/prize money in the Kennel Club Breeders' Competition as follows: 
Please note that Assured Breeders will be credited with a higher prize value. 
These points will be recorded in the Kennel Club Breeders Competition record book through the year. The minimum qualification for the Crufts final will be 50 points, with a maximum of 40 finalists including the winning teams from the European and World Dog Shows' breeders competition. Our Dogs will collate the points and publish a leader board through the year. 
The competition is sponsored by Agria.

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