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KC Code Of Practice for volunteers

Issue: 02/02/2018

Published this week and referred to in Breed Education Co-ordinator Role Description 
The Kennel Club recognises the importance of volunteers and makes every effort to ensure that they are supported and are valued for their contribution.
A volunteer is an individual who freely provides assistance to the Kennel Club on a voluntary unpaid basis and/or ad hoc basis (but not in an employment capacity). 
This may, for example include administration, working at shows and events.
Inherent in being a Kennel Club volunteer is an expectation of a certain standard of conduct and propriety.  These responsibilities are not prescriptive but ought to be obvious within a bandwidth of reasonable expectation. They include extending respect towards everyone in the canine world - both at home and to those overseas.
In particular, a volunteer is expected:
To demonstrate commitment and to make every effort to attend events/meetings as may be required.
To recognise that they are representing the best interests of the KC whilst they are volunteering.
To do so because they are volunteering their skills for the benefit of the KC, its competitions and events.
Not to seek financial recompense over and above reasonable expenses agreed with the KC or organiser(s) in advance.
Not to do anything to bring the KC or its members or participants into disrepute while volunteering and not to undermine confidence in the KC or its officers, or members, or members of staff.
To treat members of staff, compet itors and other participants with respect, recognising they have rights and obligations and contractual responsibilities particularly whilst volunteering and commenting on licensed competitions and events.
To apply sound judgement when using social media, respecting the opinions of others and not to engage in threatening, abusive or offensive activity towards others.
Not to publicly criticise nor do anything to damage the interests of or undermine confidence in the Kennel Club and its members including social media activity.
To be aware of and adhere to the Kennel Club Child Protection Policy and agree to DBS verification checks as appropriate.
A Kennel Club volunteer will understand that if he/she does not follow these principles and falls short of the expectations and responsibilities in being a Kennel Club volunteer that the Kennel Club may be obliged to implement and enforce the code including the possibility of terminating the volunteer arrangement.


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comments see our Opinion Column on page eight of this week's issue.
We welcome the views of readers on these and other subjects and will return to them in next week's issue.  

Name: Alan Hedges
Comment: must not "publicly criticise The Kennel Club" I can criticise the Government, I can even criticise The Queen, worse still I can criticise Jackie, but I cannot criticise the KC?? What is it that makes them so special? Lets not lose sight of the fact that this is at heart a dog club, it is not the President of the USSR, it is not the Reich Chancellor of pre war Germany, it is the KC, A dog club. Nobody else is above criticism, nor will they be.

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