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KC loses microchip business

Issue: 02/03/2018


Last week in an article headlined 'Major Blow to KC Revenues' it was reported that the Pet-ID Microchip company had just announced that it would no longer be using the KC's Petlog database to record owner details. 
Instead it would be using its own new database called Chipworks. It has been suggested that this could be a major blow to KC revenues. There was speculation that this change might substantially reduce the revenues that the KC and Petlog receive from this work. This followed other well known brands such as Bayer and Virbac who apparently are using other database partners.
Pet-ID had announced that it would be: 'Joining the growing number of microchip providers who offer free transfer of keepership from breeders to new puppy owners'.
We invited the Kennel Club to comment on the Petlog situation and we were advised to expect a response before we went to press on Tuesday evening last week. Sadly, nothing arrived, and in the end we simply had to announce: "At the time of going to press we had not received a reply from the KC"

OUR DOGS has learned that from 23 February 2018 Pet-ID microchips will be registered on the Chipworks database. Chipworks is a UK-based, fully Defra compliant registration and reunification database that Pet-ID has developed in conjunction with the operators of the successful Fido database in Ireland. Fido has been providing registration services since 2005. Chipworks is also an associate of EPN (EuroPetNet) which consolidates member databases across Europe to help with the identification and reunification of animals. Through this collaboration, Chipworks data can be searched throughout Europe, ensuring that pets travelling outside of the U.K. are still traceable.
Jo Briault, Managing Director of Pet-ID said, "As a result of all the things our customers said, Pet-ID looked for ways to make the registration service more flexible and provide a one-stop shop for customers. One of the key frustrations was the transfer of keepership for new puppies from the breeder to the new owner which has created extra cost simply because the law requires that the puppy must be first registered in the name of the breeder. That's something we wanted to change."
This new service will enable Pet-ID to offer free online transfer of keepership from breeders to new owners as long as puppies are identified as having been registered to the breeder when the microchip is first registered.
Whilst it is not a legal requirement for new kittens to be registered to breeders, Pet-ID will offer the same service if cat breeders choose to register kittens to themselves in the first instance. Alternatively, cat breeders who have their kittens microchipped can continue to register kittens in the name of the new owner.
Pet-ID has additional plans for the future, including streamlining the transfer of keepership for pets that are taken in by welfare organisations and subsequently re-homed.
Significantly, the company stated that "transfer of existing microchip registrations from the previous database supplier is still under discussion and further announcements will be made in due course."
KC response

In an effort to allow the Kennel Club to put its point of view across or perhaps reassure its customer base, or stakeholders as they have been called on numerous occasions, OUR DOGS made a number of requests for an official Kennel Club statement on the matter. 
It was hoped that the Kennel Club would confirm whether it too provided a service where a new owner who transfers a puppy out of the name of its breeder in the KC Registration system, could also receive a free transfer of that keepership on the Petlog system. Regrettably the Kennel Club response was rather short when we received the following statement on Thursday February 22nd
"Due to business confidentiality the Kennel Club is unable to comment."  
It had been hoped that the much vaunted policy of conducting Kennel Club business in an open and transparent way would have provided a more detailed response, but sadly that was not the case. 
OUR DOGS will continue to monitor developments in the world of micro-chipping; clearly since legislation made this a legal requirement for dog owners back in 2016 companies have seen the opportunity not only in supplying microchips and registration but also any ancillary business in areas such as pet insurance. 

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