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KC welcomes White Swiss Mountain Dog

Issue: 29/09/2017

MCH Fudge of Trebons Berger Blanc

Photo: Martina Trávničková

On October 1st the White Swiss Shepherd Dog, known as the Berger Blanc Suisse in Switzerland, will be recognised by the Kennel Club.
It will become the 219th pedigree dog breed to be recognised and joins the Pastoral Group on the Imported Breed Register.  It comes in two coat types, medium-length and long-haired, and has had an FCI breed standard since 2011. A Kennel Club breed standard is being developed and, when this is published, the breed will be able to be entered at Kennel Club licensed shows.
OUR DOGS' David Cavill said: 'I was fortunate to be invited to judge the breed in South Africa and I was immensely impressed with their soundness, their temperament and their even quality across the classes.  The outline and structure they have rightly been compared to the best of the German Shepherd dogs which were being bred in Germany in the 1950s.  
'This is not surprising for the White Swiss Shepherd Dog was founded on the German Shepherd but by 1930 its colour and several other minor characteristics set it apart so it was considered a separate breed which was developed primarily in Switzerland but also in United States and Canada (where it is known simply as the White Shepherd) from where it was exported to many other which included South Africa.
'Like the vast majority of the shepherding breeds it is highly intelligent, easily trained and requires a great deal of exercise so despite its attractive appearance it is probably not for the novice'.

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