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Local strays sourced for dissection

Issue: 29/09/2017

Liverpool University Veterinary Medical school has come under fire after Freedom of Information (FoI) requests revealed that it sourced dogs for dissection from local dogs homes and were unaware if the dogs were scanned for microchips.
They admitted that they collect up to 10 cadavers a week from local dogs' homes. However they denied that they paid for them and they said, 'We do not pay (for cadavers). Our policy is to only use cadavers for teaching that have been euthanased for another reason.  The rescue centres we deal with do not euthanise healthy dogs.  
'If they are microchipped they are re-united with their owners.  If they are healthy they are re-homed after a period of time dictated by the council.  Dogs are only euthanased if they cannot be re-homed, either due to ill health or if they are aggressive.'
Last year they admitted that they had received 250 dogs for dissection. They said, 'The University collects from rescue centres in the North West, but we do not disclose specifically where collections are made from, and providing this information would adversely affect our relationship with those societies involved.' 
Asked if the dogs were checked for chips they revealed that they were not involved in checking dogs for chips and so have no idea about the status of the dog.
Nearly a decade a go Liverpool University faced similar accusations over greyhounds that were sold to the University by Charles Pickering, a notorious breeder of racing greyhounds. He admitted to an undercover reporter in 2008 that he sold fit and healthy dogs that were a 'just a bit too slow for the tracks' for 30 each to Liverpool University. The accusation was that these dogs were then put to sleep and dissected.
OUR DOGS contacted Liverpool University Veterinary School but we have not received a reply as we go to press.

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