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New programme for lost dogs

Issue: 01/12/2017

A new TV show reuniting lost dogs with their owners has started on daytime Channel Four and will run daily until Christmas.
In Lost and Found Lucy Alexander and Simon O'Brien will follow owners as they try and find their missing dogs with the help of search organisation DogLost. They will then team up with Dogs Trust to rehome the rescued animals.
Taking centre stage on the show will be Dogs Trust as the programme spotlights the efforts of its welfare workers to find new homes for unwanted animals.
The show will also show real life stories of owners who have lost their pets and their efforts to get their beloved dog back home. The turmoil and tears of these owners will be balanced by the support they get from a nationwide band of dog lovers.
A future episode will feature Cookie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier who disappeared one bedtime. It will follow the frantic efforts of his owner as they trawled both the neighbourhood and social media to find their dog.
Adrian Burder, chief executive of Dogs Trust, explained how Lost and Found highlights the amazing variety of challenges the charity faces each and every day.
He said: 'No two days are the same, and likewise no two dogs are the same, they each come with their own story.
'For those that are found as a stray we need to spend a bit more time working out their background and what they want in a new family, but once the team do and they're able to match the dog with a new owner, the joy is immeasurable.
'We hope that the show will demonstrate that Dogs Trust has shapes and sizes of dog to fit any home and hope that people will think rescue when considering their next four-legged addition to the family.'
The series also looks at the work of Doglost which was set up by Jayne Hayes when her pet went missing and now has almost 120,000 members.
Lost and Found will be on Channel Four weekdays at 3pm.

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